Transform Your Bill of Material

BOM and costing optimization software for electronics manufacturers


The Challenge

Quoting is time-consuming and diverts the company's attention from its ongoing, value-adding activities.
The process requires the coordinated contribution of multiple departments, from sales, through engineering to the procurement department.
Organizations leave no stone unturned to improve cost when quoting large scale manufacturing opportunities.
On the other hand, the focus when quoting smaller-scale batches (e.g., R&D, NPI, one-offs, etc.) is different.
These tend to require quick results while using fewer resources and still presenting a cost-effective outcome.
That's where the iKido quoting solution comes in handy.


The Solution

iKido optimizes bills of materials throughout the product life cycle.
iKido integrates with online catalogs and distributors in the electronics industry to provide EMS and OEM companies with real-time insights concerning their electronic components' selection and delivery alternatives.
iKido surfaces technical and supply chain risks, such as obsolete and long-lead items and automates the costing process to achieve bom and costing optimization


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

― Dr. Seuss


The iKido Team

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Guy Eron

Founder, CEO

15 years of experience in the Electronics Manufacturing sector, managing operations and business activities.


Roy Dar

Founder, CTO

15+ years of experience in management, architecture, and hands-on development of enterprise-grade products. Experience in leading products roadmap and strategy.


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Kfar Saba, Israel


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